Halti Front Control Anti-Pull Dog Harness



Walks with your dog can quickly become a real test of strength if he pulls a lot. The Halti Front Control No-Pull Harness can help solve this problem. Its revolutionary control system distributes the load on the chest and shoulders of the animal. With partial padding, you can guide your dog in the direction you want without the risk of hurting him.
The Halti Front Control anti-pulling harness is adjustable and thus allows the puppy to be educated gently and effectively.

Features of the Halti Front Control Anti-Pull Dog Harness:

no-pull harness for dogs and puppies
prevents the dog from pulling: for gentle training
revolutionary and patented control system with load distribution on the chest and shoulders
very comfortable thanks to its partial padding
flexible: easy to put on and adjust
3 buckles and 1 carabiner
attachment with a carabiner to the collar
can be used perfectly with the Halti anti-pull leash
materials :
harness: nylon
clip closure: plastic
carabiner/loop: steel
colors: black/red


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