Karlie Latex Doggy Donut Dog Toy



Your dog will be able to have fun without gaining a gram thanks to this delightful donut-shaped toy! Instead of making him take in calories, Karlie’s latex toy will keep him occupied for hours. With its built-in squealer, it will awaken your dog’s hunting and playful instincts. Its soft-touch material does not damage the teeth and its round shape is easy to grip.

Karlie Latex Doggy Donut Dog Toy Features:
dog toy
soft material: does not damage the teeth, pleasant to the touch
integrated squeaker: awakens the dog’s playful instinct
round shape: easy to grip
painted details, toy that does not contain small parts that could be swallowed
nice design: multicolored donut
color: brown
material: 100% latex
dimensions: 12 cm in diameter

General information about latex toys:
zooplus recommends the use of latex toys for young dogs. Indeed, the latter still have very sharp teeth and tend to shred objects rather than simply chew them. Some pieces can then be swallowed.

Since latex is a material that does not harden in the stomach and intestines of the dog, the ingested pieces are evacuated without problems. Ingestion of small pieces of latex is therefore generally safe for the dog. However, it is still best to always monitor the condition of your dog’s toy, even if it is a latex toy.


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