Pop-up Egg Latex Dog Toy



This colorful latex egg for small dogs hides a squeaky surprise! Your dog will discover his new toy first with caution and then with ever more pleasure. The egg is sniffed, pushed, crushed with the paw and hop… here is a little chick showing the tip of its beak! The surprise is successful, the dog’s curiosity is aroused and the chick is once again hiding in its egg.

This latex toy is very small (it is only 8cm tall) and is only suitable for puppies and small breed dogs. It can pose a danger to larger dogs as they may swallow the egg whole. Since latex is a material that does not harden in the stomach and intestines of the dog, the ingested pieces are evacuated without problem.

Latex Pop-up Egg Dog Toy Features:

funny toy for small dogs
pop-up toy: a little chick comes out of the egg when pressed
squeaky toy: encourages the dog to play
in flexible latex: does not represent any danger for the animal in the event of ingestion


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