Trixie Protective socks for dogs and cats



Trixie Protective Silicone Socks are made in collaboration with veterinarians to keep wounds and bandages dry and clean on the paws of dogs and cats. This reduces the risk of infection and speeds healing. The animal enjoys great freedom of movement thanks to its soft material. The silicone socks can be cut to the desired length to easily adapt to the dog’s needs. They are therefore suitable for the front and rear legs of dogs and cats and are fixed using 2 scratches.

Characteristics of the Trixie protective socks for dogs and cats:
silicone socks to protect the paw wounds of dogs and cats
for front and back legs
keep wounds and dressings dry and clean
flexible material: these socks can be cut to the desired length according to your needs
do not interfere with freedom of movement
with 2 scratches to fix the socks
developed in collaboration with veterinarians
color: gray
material: silicon


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